Giraffe Feeder Pipe

Hoofstock Husbandry

Publication date : 09/07/2018

Most animals forage for much of the day, spending time finding food. Giraffe are no different. When at NZG we created feeding opportunities through the use of PVC feeder tubes. They were great as you could make a variety of holes for them to investigate with their long tongue. PVC is easy to get and easy to manage and clean. It can be burnt to look like wood and so can disappear in the environment. The only concern you need to be aware of is that the pipe needs to be strong enough to handle the animals bite as well as rubbing. The plastic can splinter and break up and then becomes a danger. So watch out for that, safety first, always safety first.

Speak to your Curator or Vet before you consider anything new.

Note submitted by : Robynn Ingle-Moller (Lory Park Zoo)