Iguana Nail Trimming

Reptile Husbandry

Publication date : 09/07/2018

Encouraging Self Maintenance behaviours in captivity can sometimes be challenging. As Care Givers we need to observe and recognize when our animals need attention. Here a Green Iguana receives a regular trimming. Through kindness and gentle conditioning even Iguanas will accept without restraint a loud vibrating drimmel to their claws. Be careful, very careful, you can't do this without prior experience or veterinary approval. The animal's nail beds can bleed and you can cause great distress. But the lesson here is that it is possible with care and love. Consider other ways too, offer substrates that allow the animals to wear down their nails (nails, claws) by themselves. You can also encourage the animal to move more often.

Consider Safety First, welfare first. Talk to your Curator or / and Vet first.

Note submitted by : Robynn Ingle-Moller (Lory Park Zoo)