Cat Hammock

Cat Husbandry

Publication date : 29/06/2018

Most cats enjoy a good spot to sleep and/or rest. Here is a great example of a hammock for an Eurasian Lynx getting ready to have a nap at Lory Park Zoo. Best way to make one is with an old firehose. Go to your local fire department and see if they can donate you some. There are lots of designs on the internet, go check it out.
Just remember a few tricks;
1) the weave must be tight as cats can get stuck if not well made,
2) size of animal vs size of hammock - make it so that the cat can easily climb in and out,
3) the depth of the hammock - is it a deep cup or straight as a board, does it swing etc?
Your animal will inform you but think Safety First, always Safety First.

Ask your Vet or Curator for advice on construction and placement. Remember to check the infrastructure - can it handle the weight of the hammock and animal together? Safety First!

Note submitted by : Robynn Ingle-Moller (Lory Park Zoo)